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FilmCapital allows independent filmmakers to launch their production faster than ever.

An explain on how the executive production works at filmcapital An explain on how the executive production works at filmcapital

FilmCapital On-demand consultancy

At FilmCapital, we understand the challenges independent filmmakers face when starting a new production. Our team has decades of filmmaking expertise, and can provide a cost-effective, practical solution for your business.

Why an E.P.?

An EP is a strategic member of your team. Interpreting your business model, and more importantly, charting the financial future of your production, the EP is an indispensable team member during your filmmaking journey. It’s also important to keep in mind the network value of your EP for pieces of the puzzle you might need help with.

How can we help you?

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Sales & Acquisition

Building a solid business model is a meticulous work. While you focus on creating, we will assist you with your sales and acquisition plans.

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Bring sophisticated financial modeling to your project along with a detailed fundraising roadmap.

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Talent is key. FilmCapital casting directors will assist you with finding the most suitable talents for your production.